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  • As any digital marketing business should, the Exults team pays close attention to how we present ourselves across the media and use various tools to track our brand name as it emerges on the Internet.

    Our digital marketing agency was founded upon a stringent work ethic of attention to detail, proficiency, and going above and beyond to achieve Excellence. With this, we bring the Results you want to see! This is the root of the Exults standard.

    Excellence + Results = Exults

    Due to the fact that our very own, wonderfully crafted brand name shares its identity with the verb, “To Exult”, our tracking tools will often alert us if the media uses this verbiage to describe anyone or anything in the news.

    Every so often though, our brand name gets utilized to describe celebrities, politicians, and in this case, famous NFL players.

    This Monday morning a was a little more interesting after the New England Patriots’ victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, landing the Patriots their ninth game in the Super Bowl.

    After Sunday’s 37-31 victory, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, EXULTED! TWICE!

    First he exulted on ESPN in an article titled,

    Tom Brady Exults, says ‘odds were stacked against’ Patriots

    Tom Brady exults, says odds were stacked against the patriots 1







    “That was as emotional of a game as I think I’ve been through, certainly in a long time. … All the things that kind of transpired over the course of the game. To get a chance to win it there, like we did, and then to pull it off, was just a great feeling,” Brady (Exulted) Monday in an interview with WEEI.

    Next he exulted on ESPN’s Sports Fan 100.5 in an article titled,

    Brady exults, says Pats overcame stacked odds

    Brady exults says pats overcame stacked odds








    Once again, the media referenced Brady exulting over the Patriots’ unexpected victory in overtime.

    Tom Brady Exults Over Time

    All sports affiliations aside, we thought this moment of “Exults” fame was the perfect opportunity to spotlight the many times Tom Brady and the Patriots have had reasons to EXULT.

    (Side note- this is all fun and games and represents no one’s “fandom” at Exults….)

    Patriots have played in 8 Super Bowls with Tom Brady and they’ve all been instant classics

    Patriots have played in 8 Super Bowls with Tom Brady








    This article by Super Bowl Nation highlights how Tom Brady has played in not one… not two… but EIGHT Super Bowls with the New England Patriots.

    Tom Brady passes Peyton Manning for most passing yards of all time

    Tom Brady passes Peyton Manning





    In this CBS article spotlighting Tom Brady passing Peyton Manning for most passing yards of all time.

    According to CBS, with 283 passing yards in a win over the Jets, Brady increased his combined total of passing yards in both the regular season and postseason to 79,416.

    In doing so, he passed Peyton Manning, whose combined regular and postseason passing yards total was 79,279.

    No NFL quarterback has ever thrown for more yards than Tom Brady….

    That’s definitely a reason to EXULT!

    Tom Brady, Joe Montana head top 10 quarterbacks in NFL history

    Tom Brady Joe Montana top 10 quarterbacks







    When NFL analyzed the head top 10 quarterbacks in NFL history. Tom Brady accomplished being one of only two players in NFL history to have won five Super Bowls, not to mention being the only player to have won them all with a single franchise.

    It’s not just Tom Brady who exults either. A few years back our very own former President Obama exulted as well.

    With more than 7 million sign-ups for ObamaCare, President Obama exulted, and with this mention of our brand, the Exults team was immediately alerted by our brand tracking tools.

    All political parties aside, we capitalized on the free PR Obama graced us with when he exulted and dove into a deeper analysis of some of Obama’s greatest reasons to exult.

    Monitor How Your Brand Name Is Portrayed on the Internet

    In conclusion, we’ve used Tom Brady to highlight the importance of monitoring your brand name and how it is publicly portrayed on the Internet. You may not always be able to control what other people say or write about you, but we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be attentive to how people are talking about your brand in the case that negative exposure is released.

    Not sure how?

    Start off by setting up tools to track your brand name across search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and social media.

    There are loads of tools for tracking brand mentions, such as:

    1. Google Alerts– This is a free tool for marketers and anyone who wants to track mentions of their company name. Simply enter your company name the same way you’d enter terms in your niche you want to get alerts for.
    2. Social Mention – Social Mention. This is a paid tool for monitoring your brand, competitors, and campaigns on both search engines and social media.
    3. Pin Alerts – This is a free web service that sends email alerts when a website receives new pins on Pinterest
    4. SentiOne – This is a paid tool that helps you to pay attention to what your customers or others are saying about your brand. You’ll get access to not just real-time data but historical data too.

    There are many tools and strategies for monitoring your brand to stay prepared and ready to respond in the case of a bad article or review. Although the article about Tom Brady was positive brand exposure and no problem, there are many tactics to employ when faced with bad PR.

    With more than 17 years of industry experience, our team knows the tactics to deal with negative brand exposure while burying or hiding negative search results on search engines results pages (SERPs).

    If you’re in need of Reputation Management services, contact the Exults digital marketing office at 866-999-4736 for a free consultation and your first step to taking control of your online reputation.



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