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  • This past weekend, hundreds of millions of Americans tuned in to watch the most anticipated game of the year – the Super Bowl. While many of us were genuinely interested in the game, there were definitely many viewers that were solely in it to watch the TV commercials and halftime show.

    It is no secret that each year, companies spend millions of dollars to get a spot in these commercials and work hard to make their commercial the most memorable and extravagant one of the evening. However, over the past couple of years advertisers have been looking to accomplish more than simply blatant brand advertising; they are now interested in stimulating viewers interests to get them to find out more about their product, hopefully leading to a purchase.

    This is where the “second screen” has come into effect; according to a recent report by Accenture, 87% of consumers use a second screen device (phone, tablet, laptop) while watching TV. The result is a direct connection between TV commercials and digital activity including search terms, search clicks, and direct site visits. Google’s Adometry TV Attribution uses machine-learning techniques to essentially allow users to measure TV just as they would the internet.

    This year’s top TV commercials during the Super Bowl that were measured by Adometry TV Attribution were:

    1. Audi, “The Commander”
    2. Acura “What He Said”
    3. Universal Pictures, “Jason Bourne Trailer”

    What exactly does this show? Those who invest in TV advertising with the goal of creating intent to purchase, should also have an effective strategy to engage potential consumers on their “second screens” as well.

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