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  • Snip! Snip! That’s the sound of what millions of people are doing every day to their cable. With options like, Sling, HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu, and Vue — why pay the high price for cable TV when you can get the channels that you want on all your devices for a fraction of the cost.

    Now you can add Google’s YouTube TV to that long list of companies that are making you question your financial decisions every time you get that dreaded cable bill.

    What is YouTube TV?

    YouTube TV is an online subscription service that gives you access to 40+ TV channels. Pulled right off their website, here’s the list of channels you get:

    YouTube TV Channels

    Here are some of the other key features of the new $35 / month service:

    • Unlimited DVR’ing
    • Watch on any device that can play YouTube videos
    • Cancel anytime
    • Share with up to 6 people, 3 people can stream at once

    Sounds a lot better than your current Comcast cable plan, doesn’t it?

    Unfortunately, the service is only being offered in 5 markets right now: NYC, San Francisco, Philly, LA, and Chi-town. So if you’re like us in sunny South Florida, you’ll have to ask to “get notified” the second your market gets added.

    YouTube TV Notify Me

    What makes YouTube TV unique?

    YouTube has name recognition and an existing monthly user base of approximately 167,400,000 (just in the US). If the platform can convince a fraction of that user base to pay $35 per month for live TV, they’ll be able to surpass Sling (who has 1 million subscribers) as the top dog in the crowded live TV streaming industry.

    YouTube TV for marketers

    For the time being, YouTube TV will be showing regular broadcast commercials (booooooo), but you know that’s going to change. Google has the data capability and AdWords to be able to show hyper-relevant commercials to users based on viewing/search habits, so why would they settle on an outdated model for TV ads.

    And because we’d expect Google to utilize AdWords and search data for YouTube TV in the future, this potentially opens the door for SMBs to get their ads shown to a national audience watching live TV.

    This is how we feel about the possibility of running ads for clients on YouTube TV in the (hopefully near) future.

    Got questions about AdWords or marketing on YouTube? Want to chat about YouTube TV? Talk to one of our Google experts by calling 866-999-4736.


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