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  • accelerated mobile pagesTo be optimized for search engines, websites must be trustworthy and high-quality while also meeting performance requirements — such as loading fast on all devices and being formatted correctly for desktop and mobile screens. Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) help fulfill this need. Here’s why you should be using them.

    Make Your Sites Look Great on Mobile Devices

    AMPs are designed specifically to make pages load as fast as possible and appear as nicely as possible on mobile devices. Users on smartphones and tablets have the best performances when interacting with these pages.

    Improve User Engagement

    Compared to other pages, AMPs offer far faster load times. They take about half as long to pull up on mobile devices, meaning users are free to engage with your company much faster. This is vital in a mobile-driven world where users are often pulling out their phones to find the information they need in an instant. When users land on a page and it loads quickly, they won’t leave in search of a solution from someone else.

    Rank Better

    Pages that use AMP protocol can be placed above other search engine results. This gives these pages a boost in visibility since users tend not to scroll very far down through search engine results. Also, since ranking is improved, AMPs often experience far greater mobile traffic compared to other unoptimized pages.

    Stay Competitive

    Note that many companies are already using AMPs. Failing to follow trends like this can mean that an opposing enterprise is providing potential customers a better service than you are.

    In a mobile world where seconds are the difference between users landing on your page or a competitor’s, you must do all you can to get your website to rank well and perform flawlessly. Work with Exults to implement AMPs and other web design best practices to drive traffic to your pages.

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