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  • Since its limited initial launch in August 2015, real-time video sharing functionality- dubbed Facebook Live- has gradually been released to more users. It’s now made its way into the marketing arsenal of several top brands and influencers. Facebook Live enables users to connect with followers instantly, grow a brand’s following, and tell a story in the exact way it was intended.

    Although Facebook Live is not available to all users yet, that shouldn’t stop you from brainstorming your Live approach- how you can utilize Live to engage with your audience.

    Below, we’ve listed a few tips to consider when leveraging Facebook Live for your marketing strategy:

    1. Have a clear focus point for your video
    • Instead of trying to compile a shotgun blast of ideas into one video, plan the topic you want to focus on and key points to hit during your discussion. A compelling and interesting topic or theme that your followers will want to tune in and listen to is a great place to start. For instance:
      • Go behind the scenes of your business
      • Have Q&A sessions for your friends/followers
      • How-to’s that pertain to your business
      • Product demos
      • Product demos
  • Tell people before you are going to broadcast
    • Build anticipation for your broadcast by letting people know when you plan on going live. Bonus points for selecting a time that is convenient for as much of your target audience as possible. You can use Facebook Insights for a glimpse of where the majority of your followers live.
  • Test, test, test!
    • Try broadcasting at different times of day and make a note of total viewers you get at each time. Try discussing a variety of topics and see which provides the best response.
  • Reach more people with longer broadcasts
    • The longer you broadcast, the more likely people are to discover and invite friends on Facebook to watch your video. Facebook recommends starting with at least 10 minutes. However, be sure not to extend a broadcast just to rack up minutes. As is the case with all things, aim for quality over quantity.
  • Create a captivating title
    • Your title should relate to the theme of your broadcast; when followers are notified that you are live, the title is the only thing they see when deciding whether or not they want to watch your broadcast. Choose a clear, descriptive title and your audience will be inclined to tune in.
  • Recognize your audience
    • Facebook Live is about engaging with your audience in a more personal format. Make sure to mention fans that are viewing your broadcast, and respond to comments made during or after your show.
  • End with a call to action
    • Make the most out of your video and direct your audience to a specific place at the end of your broadcast. Include a simple call to action at the end of your video, such as to visit your website or to message you for more information on the topic discussed. You can also let viewers know when you next plan to go Live.

    Live video streaming is a fantastic opportunity to display your knowledge and expertise, and increase engagement on Facebook. Start thinking about integrating Facebook Live into your marketing strategy and allow the Internet marketing experts at Exults to prepare your account for Facebook Live today!

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