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  • A few years ago, Google announced the development of RankBrain, an intelligent search tool that used machine learning instead of simple coding to create rules. Instead of developers creating algorithm changes to improve results, the intelligent search tool could create its own rules and expand upon the initial instructions. Machine learning and AI tools have the potential to change your search rankings depending on your current SEO strategy. Keep reading to learn how you might be affected.

    Search Engines Can Spot Abuse Faster

    Google’s algorithm changes have been able to find and punish spammy SEO tactics for years, but its intelligent search function will better help the engine find companies that are practicing terrible SEO and punish their efforts. Overall, this will create a cleaner and healthier web that will help people find exactly what they need.

    Search Engines Can Better Produce Results

    While humans are able to develop algorithms and create laws that make sense, there will always be room for error. Loopholes will be created, or humans will forget to account for a particular option. With intelligent search, machine learning systems lack the human error and can fill in gaps that would have created a bad experience. This is why many experts believe search engine results will improve with the help of tools like RankBrain.

    Search Engines Can Better Adapt to Technological Changes

    The rise of customers using voice search has changed how people search on their mobile devices. Instead of developers having to analyze the changes and create code to adapt to customer queries or SEO efforts to match them, intelligent search tools can automatically adapt to the requirements and make improvements. This decreases the chances that sites like Google will fall out of use (like Ask Jeeves) because they failed to modernize.

    To learn more about the importance of intelligence search and how you can adapt to it, talk to the organic search team at Exults.

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