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  • Organic search traffic is one of the best ways to introduce people to your brand and bring new customers back. Follow these four best practices to improve your SEO and see the results you need.

    Do: Focus on the Readability of the Content

    Google’s past updates have focused on the quality of the content and its readability for the customer. This means the best SEO campaigns create something of value to your customer. Not only will this please search engines and increase your rankings, but it will also boost your conversion rates and revenue.

    Don’t: Limit Your Optimizations to Desktop Search

    More than half of all internet searches come from mobile devices. Even laggard demographics like baby boomers are strong smartphone users and more internet savvy than they were five years ago. This means you can’t afford to isolate half of your customers by focusing on desktop optimization. Having a strong mobile website is a good start, but some companies prefer a “mobile first” approach where they build their strategy around mobile and optimize for desktop after.

    Do: Optimize for Local Search

    If you have brick and mortar locations, make sure you’re optimizing on the local level to drive traffic to your website. This includes managing your Google My Business page, using local contact information instead of an 800 number, and creating content pages highlighting your local connections.

    Don’t: Isolate Your SEO Team

    Good SEO requires a mixture of quality web design, social media promotion, and interesting content. This means your team will struggle if they’re not able to work with other marketing and IT employees within your company. By stressing that SEO is a team effort, not a one-person job, you’re likely to get total co-worker buy-in and grow your search rankings.

    If you’re struggling to boost your SEO results and want to make an impact in the rankings, reach out to Exults today. We’ll review your website and make actionable suggestions for improvement.

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