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  • Why are customers choosing to purchase online rather than in stores?  Let’s take a look to find out more.


    Online shopping is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There are no lines, cashiers, or crowds.  The best part?  You can purchase just about anything from the comfort of your home all while wearing your pajamas.  Not to mention, you can purchase things in seconds from your mobile device or computer.

    Better Prices

    Products online are coming to you directly from the seller or manufacturer, which means lower prices for customers because there is no middleman involved.  Many online sites offer coupons for first time or returning customers, which can eliminate shipping costs, tax, and ultimately save the customer money.

    Greater Selection

    You can almost always find any product you are looking for online.  Customers can shop from retailers in other parts of the country or even the world without leaving the comfort of their home.  You’re no longer limited to shopping in your local area.  Another bonus is that online stores typically have a higher volume of inventory, with more size and color options.

    Simplified Price Comparison

    Shopping online gives you the ability to research and compare multiple products at the same time.  Customers can research which is the best product on the market by having access to product reviews and ratings.  Rather than having to drive all over town going from store to store, customers can navigate from one website to another in seconds.

    The internet has truly changed the way customers shop.  Many customers prefer to shop online from their mobile device or computer rather than making a purchase in person.  The growth of e-commerce continues to increase, and so does the desire for instant access and 24/7 accessibility.



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