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  • Social media marketing is newer to the business scene than other traditional business strategies. Acquiring the knowledge to make social media work for your business can take time, training and practice, but in the mean time, check out these three tips to help you improve your social media marketing today!

    1. Timing Is Key

    The point of sending out status updates and tweets is to reach large numbers of interested consumers. In order to do this, try to schedule tweets and posts just before or after the hour to hit individuals before they go into meetings or right after they get out. Also, scheduling around typical lunch hour times can really show a spike in views and interaction.

    2. Encourage Engagement

    To grow your fan base, follow or favorite individuals who comment on your company posts. By engaging with your social media audience, you show interest and expand your audience reach.

    3. Add Your Address For Check-Ins

    Add your business’ full address to Facebook so that patrons can check in and advertise your business for you. Adding your complete address makes you seem social media competent and allows fans and customers to interact with your business and show their followers they frequented your establishment.

    To learn more tips on how to better engage your social media audience, call Exults at 866-999-4736.

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