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  • The Broward College Foundation, established in 1971, provides funding for scholarship opportunities, educational enhancements, and academic programs at Broward College. With the launch of their American Dream campaign, a website refresh was the perfect way to showcase all they’ve done already, and all they can do, with contributions from the community.

    The new site places the emphasis on the most important part of the Foundation; the people that comprise it. Donors, alumni, and students come to life with compelling videos that capture the spirit of the American Dream campaign.

    Being a charitable organization, donations are the lifeblood of the foundation. The streamlined navigation centers on the key points of the foundation’s mission, the lives it helps to impact, and the numerous ways donors can contribute.

    Tony Catone, Creative Director, had a very specific vision from the start: incite action. The ever-present, brightly colored call-to-action buttons, the odometer animation on the statistics, and the auto-play hover effects on the videos are all designed to ask users to engage and let the site tell its story.

    Tony’s creative vision was ignited by the people who are the Foundation;

    “I really enjoyed working on this project- especially after watching the videos about the beneficiaries of the scholarships and seeing just how much the Foundation does for the students. After listening to their stories, I was inspired to take action- so I knew these videos needed to be the website’s heart.”

    Exults CEO, Zach Hoffman, knew the Foundation needed to be showcased in a way that would help people better understand its reach:

    “This new website represents the organization in the right light; it speaks volumes about the Foundation’s powerful narrative. When you visit this site, it tells an emotional, empowering story about the Foundation’s incredible mission to create change within our community. Listening to the students talk about their experience in their own voice helps donors understand exactly where their money is going: to the people who will help shape our future.”

    After learning about the Foundation and the people who power it, we’re excited to see this project come to life and the response from the community, students, alumni, and donors. We hope to have conveyed the chief message at the core of the organization: how empowering people through education can change lives. To learn more about the Broward College Foundation, or to see the site in action, click here.

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