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  • Your company’s website has to do much more than just look great to drive a lot of traffic. It also needs to help you meet your brand’s goals, such as driving sales and generating leads. Not sure how to turn around an underperforming website? Try these four web design hacks.

    Make It Mobile Friendly

    Website design isn’t just limited to the desktop. Having a responsive site that emphasizes mobile compatibility is essential. A mobile-friendly site ensures that visitors using all types of devices can access every page and consume each piece of content, including purchasing a product or learning more about your business. Think about when you’ve come across a desktop format on mobile. It’s never pleasant to have one long line of text that forces you to horizontally scroll side to side to read anything. It’s difficult enough to have online conversions, when navigating a site isn’t simple or easy-to-use, consumers will move on to a business that is mobile compatible.

    Take Advantage of Landing Pages

    Landing pages let you narrow your focus and remove the clutter from your pages that could distract your visitor from taking the action you want them to take. Every page of your website should serve a purpose, and landing pages are designed to convert visitors. You’ll get the most out of these lucrative pages with simple designs, effective calls to action (CTAs), and limited distractions, to effectively help you drive business.

    Use Better Calls to Action

    Unsure of what a call-to-action is? A call-to-action is an image or text that prompts your website visitors to take action. CTAs don’t belong just on landing pages. You should be using them on virtually every page of your website. If your blog posts, product pages, or even your contact page isn’t generating the responses you want, more effective CTAs can go a long way toward prompting action and getting results.

    Speed Things Up

    If you’ve noticed that visitors don’t tend to spend much time on your website, poor CTAs or bad content may not be the culprits. Instead, your site may load too slowly, which can cause visitors to give up and move on before they even get the chance to get to know your brand and learn about your products. Excellent design, compressed images, and a great user interface are all smart first steps to boost your website’s speed and keep users on your site.

    Don’t have the time or the design skills to implement these web hacks? We’re here to help. Contact Exults to get the professional website your brand needs.

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