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  • In direct competition with Snapchat, Instagram targets a younger crowd by adding GIFs to Instagram stories. What does this mean? You’ll now be able to add moving word art, accessories, and weather effects to photos, videos, Boomerangs.

    Located with all the other sticker options, near to the temperature or location, there will now be a GIF button that you can either peek the trending options or search for something specific in the bank of more than 100,000 GIFs provided through Giphy, basically the Mecca of all GIFS.

    Although, Snapchat was the inventor of ‘Stories’ on social media, Instagram’s corporate office has always lived by the mantra of using social media to bring audiences together and bring value to users.

    The VP of Product, Kevin Weil, says good ideas start in one place and spread across the industry.

    “If social apps didn’t copy each other, there’d only be one app with a feed, one with hashtags, one with image filters, one with user profiles, or one with instant messaging,” said Weil.

    Technology is always changing, and people are bouncing off each other’s advancements and creativity to stay competitive. That’s the truth about the tech industry, you learn from competitors and do it better.

    Despite Instagram having more monthly users altogether, Snapchat holds nearly 4 times as many users aged from 12 to 17 on it’s platform. Problem, meet answer. Just like emojis transformed the way we type and text, GIFS have evolved our photo/video content sharing as well.

    Any brand that wants to connect with the younger generation must start communicating the way they do. Moving forward, Instagram is reeling in it’s Gen Z babies with GIFs and we’re excited to see the creativity that blooms from it.

    If your business is having trouble connecting with its target audience on social media, contact Exults today. We know the latest and greatest when it comes to connecting with consumers of all shapes, sizes, AND ages.

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