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  • Utilizing social media is essential if you want your brand to reach the greatest number of people possible. However, you need to be careful that you don’t commit the following social media mistakes.

    Focusing on Quantity Over Quality

    You may reason that the more you’re on social media, the more success you’ll have. However, spreading yourself thin over too many networks or posting content simply for the sake of posting content has some serious disadvantages:

    • You’re taking a shotgun approach without really focusing on your audience
    • Your followers will get tired of low-quality posts and stop following you
    • You miss out on opportunities for engagement

    Sharing Only Your Own Content

    You might put a lot of work into your content and therefore believe that the spotlight should focus only on it. But sharing relevant content from across the web is also a good idea. It shows that you are aware of developments in your industry, and it helps people get to know your brand’s personality. For example, if you want to portray a lighthearted company, you might post humor from the web that relates to your type of business. Sharing content from other sources can also help you build positive relationships with the sites the content originated from.

    Failing to Be Professional

    No matter what your brand’s personality is, you should never step over the line into unprofessional conduct. That means when someone posts something negative about your business, you don’t respond with unkind words or accusations. You respond with graciousness and tact. You don’t viciously attack your competitors, but you can point out why you’re better than them. You have to strike a balance.

    If you want to put the final polish on your social media strategy, contact the pros at Exults who know all the ins and outs of every aspect of digital marketing.


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