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  • During the analysis of a website a co-worker asked, “Why are we here?” This is truly the question of the subliminal mind when viewing a website.

    Too often we are asked to review websites where a clear goal action is not communicated to the visitor. The true question is, “Where is the carrot?” What goal or action do you want the visitor to take?

    Websites must evolve to get your visitor to take the action you want them to.

    Many websites neglect the priority of space utilization. This area begins with the main website navigation area – most commonly the horizontal navigation across the top of the page. Too often a website’s navigation reads “Home, Services, About Us, Testimonials, Contact Us.” The odds are a high percentage of your competition will have the same navigation points as well.

    So how can you stand out from the crowd? What do you do? Here are some initial thought provoking questions: What are your top 3 service offerings? Or, who is your main audience?

    These are all angles to help you focus on your website direction. Let your instinct guide your website messaging and design, not your competition. This will be a big step in making your website convert more effectively.

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