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  • PPC campaigns completely changed the landscape of internet marketing, but it’s a tedious process to manage alone because it needs to be monitored so often. Automation is a useful tool for running a PPC campaign, but the effects aren’t always positive.

    Specialized Tools Produce Results

    Most companies use automation just for bidding for their campaigns. But, if a company takes advantage of all automation opportunities it can drastically improve a marketing campaign. For example, automated systems can sync with commercials, the stock market, and even the weather. By incorporating outside influences into your automation campaign, you can take advantage of way more than the basic keyword bidding opportunities.

    Misunderstood Trends

    Automating your PPC campaign saves time and energy but sometimes, automated campaigns miss trends that can drastically lower your profitability. For example, if another company runs a promotion that causes a lot of clicks, the keyword results may get skewed. The automated system doesn’t always understand that the promotion temporarily affected the clicks. The system could make large changes to your PPC campaign based on a temporary change. It’s important to monitor other company’s promotions, which will help prevent other promotions becoming harmful to your campaign.

    Set It and Forget It

    A surprising effect on PPC campaigns stems from the “set it and forget it” mentality. Automation can save you time and energy, but automation only goes so far. It’s important for a company to watch their automation regularly. Although the point of automation may seem like you don’t have to worry about it, to get the most for your money means you need to automate and watch. Too many outside factors affect the bidding process for PPC just to set it and forget it.

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