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  • If you haven’t yet struck gold with the ideal lead generation strategy for your brand, you’re not alone. Brands in virtually every industry struggle to connect with the right audiences and introduce potential clients to their sales funnels. Not sure what to try next? Check out these three next-level lead generation strategies.

    Try Guest Blogging

    Your brand’s blog may drive solid traffic and attract plenty of interested customers, but if you aren’t continually building your readership, you need a new way to reach out to a wider audience. Guest blogging, or producing branded content for other websites, can be a great way to boost your brand awareness, connect with new customers, and generate leads you would never have been able to produce otherwise.

    Offer Expert-Level Content

    Sure, your company has a blog, you rock at social media, and you just launched an email newsletter. But what about expert-level content? From white papers to e-books to video series, this kind of content can showcase your expertise while providing your audience with unique value. Be sure to collect contact information before inviting users to download or access your content, and you could build up a pool of leads in no time.

    Deploy a Great Landing Page

    If your site traffic exceeds all of your goals but you still aren’t making sales, your site design could be to blame. A great landing page can go a long way toward generating leads since it captures everything a potential customer needs to know in one concise page. Since these pages are designed to drive actions and prompt specific types of engagement, there’s a science to creating high-performing landing pages.

    Ready to take your brand’s lead generation to the next level? Find out how Exults retargeting strategy can generate the leads you want and drive the sales you need.

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