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  • If your business is new — or you’re just now starting out on social media — you might not know how to grow your number of followers. Use the following tips to gain traction on social media and start taking full advantage of this powerful platform.

    Spread the Word

    You have to let people know that you’re on social media. There are several ways to accomplish this:

    • In your email signature, include a link to your social media profiles.
    • On your blog and website, add social media widgets that make it a breeze for people to follow you.
    • Make sure you fill out your profile completely. This gives a professional appearance and provides more information to potential followers.

    Follow Others and Engage With Them

    Many entities on social media have a follow-for-follow policy. Even if they don’t, they’ll likely notice that you followed them and be appreciative. Follow relevant voices in your industry and seek out opportunities to engage with them in a positive way. Other people who are following them will see your insightful comments and might decide to follow you.

    Share Quality Content

    There is so much useless noise on the internet that people are starved for relevant, high-quality content. Stand out by sharing information that your target audience will flock to; avoid using social media solely for hard sales pitches. Even if you have just a small number of followers, those followers may share your awesome content, giving you the perfect opportunity to reach even more people. Share original content, but also keep in mind that sharing content from across the web can also help you establish social media connections.

    Growing your followers on social media is a challenge, especially if you’re starting out on floor zero. However, with the above tips— and with some expert help from Exults — you may soon be on your way to social media success.

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