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  • At Exults, we believe a website is the foundation of your brand and it’s why we feel so strongly about the power of effective design. For many business owners, their website is a secondary priority; it’s simply a vessel in which to communicate information. However, even if you have a brick and mortar storefront, a staggering number of potential customers have researched your brand online before they even step foot into your store.

    The assets that make up your brand collateral online have the power to make or break a sale. While it’s important to convey essential information about your business on your website- the basic who’s, what’s and where’s- it’s also important to inform potential customers about the why’s.

    Consider filling visitors in on why you’re awesome at what you do, why you choose to do it, and why you’re the right choice for them. Don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to everything that represents your brand. If all that’s separating you from your competitors is color scheme, your website isn’t working as hard as it could be.

    The internet empowers consumers to be better informed about the goods and services they are purchasing- even from local businesses. The ability to research company’s reviews, social media postings, and website has created a new type of buyer. This consumer is making a hybrid decision that is both fact-based and values-based.

    As visitors browse your website for the first time on their fact-finding mission, they (should) be getting answers to important questions like:

    • Does this company offer the product or service I am looking for?
    • Is their pricing competitive?
    • Do they have an experience level that I am comfortable with?

    They may also be forming some opinions based on the layout, content, messaging, and structure of your website. In a best case scenario, these opinions would include:

    • I feel like this company has a unique perspective in the marketplace
    • I feel like I can trust this brand to provide a quality product or service
    • This company knows what is important to me

    However, without effective design, clear and concise messaging, and intuitive architecture, visitors may be missing the big picture. Micro-interactions can form deeply-ingrained opinions about your business that are hard to overcome. There are a lot of negative connotations that can spur from design or development faux pas including:

    • Lack of knowledge
    • Lack of legitimacy
    • Inconsistent messaging
    • Haste or carelessness

    As is the case in all things, you get what you pay for. Building a website that is technically sound, communicates your brand message effectively, and acts as a platform to educate and engaged with new customers takes time and energy. Your website is an investment in the future of your company; it should be approached as such.

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