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  • by Lindsey Smith

    Earned media is an essential component of your marketing strategy, but it’s tricky to measure and typically impossible to control. Make sure you understand how earned media fits into your marketing efforts so you can nudge it in the right direction whenever possible.

    Understanding Owned, Paid, and Earned Media

    There are three types of media in every well-rounded marketing strategy. Owned media is at the core of your marketing efforts. This includes your website, blog, and social media accounts. Without owned media, you can’t utilize either paid or earned media.

    Paid media is advertising that you pay for, such as ads and paid search placement. Well-placed advertising can drive traffic to your site, but it’s not as compelling as more organic types of promotion.

    Earned media comes from online word of mouth. This lends more credibility to your brand. Earned media is the organic promotion that you earn from another source without paying for it.

    Types of Earned Media

    Earned media is any natural promotion that you gain from another source that may include the following:

    • Influencer recommendations
    • Social shares
    • Mentions
    • Reviews
    • Links from third-party sites

    How to Get Earned Media

    Earned media is the natural result of a strong marketing campaign. If you supply quality content, the shares, comments, and engagement will naturally follow. Effective SEO strategies will help you earn high SERPs that channel more traffic to your site. If your visitors are satisfied with the products, services, and information that they find, earned media from their shares and recommendations will follow.

    You have no control over earned media, but proper management of your owned and paid media will help you generate the right type of attention. Improve your marketing campaigns with expert assistance from the professionals at Exults. We’ll help you design and implement effective marketing that will generate the earned media you’re after.

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