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  • Is your website streamlining processes and increasing productivity across your law firm?

    When done right, your website can be your most powerful sales tool. And with the right law firm website integrations, you’ll spend less time on minute tasks that would otherwise fill your schedule. Plus, you can be confident that your information is correct with zero opportunity for human error. 

    If you often wonder how other law firms manage to focus on what matters most, then you need to step up the capabilities of your legal website. These 8 integrations can make your website do more and allow you to focus on big-picture items, increase revenue, and provide an exceptional client experience – all with less effort on your part. 

    What Is A Custom Integration? 

    If you’re not familiar with custom integrations, you may wonder why you need them. However, once you experience the benefits of integrations added to your law firm’s website, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. 

    A custom integration is a software solution customized to meet your law firm’s specific needs. This may include plugins to transfer data, scheduling tools, and more that will save your office hours every day.

    Learn more about what integrations to your website can do for your law firm. Contact us today for a custom quote. 

    Strengthen Your Law Firm Website’s Functionality With These 8 Integrations

    If your quarterly or annual goals include…

    • Streamlining workflows
    • Reducing administrative tasks
    • Increasing productivity
    • Improving client experience
    • Increasing revenue

    …It’s time to stop trying to recreate the wheel. In fact, there are several tried, tested, and proven integrations that competing law firms are already using. So rather than sit through another brainstorming session with your team, talk to Exults about integrations you can add to your website today.

    CRM Integrations 

    Your customer relationship management software (CRM) is the powerhouse of your law firm. Because no matter how capable your law firm is, you need the contacts to put your skills to use. 

    With CRM integration, you never have to worry about a lost lead. When potential clients visit your website, they will have the opportunity to input their information. And that goes directly into your CRM.

    Now, you can easily add these contacts to your email newsletter list and long-term nurture campaigns. Need an incentive to encourage website visitors to input their information? Speak to Exults about creating a valuable lead magnet or list builder to offer your audience in exchange for their contact information. 

    Ready to experience the results driven by Exults? Contact us for a custom quote today! 

    Booking Links

    Scheduling a meeting seems easy enough. But then you get caught up in comparing multiple calendars to find a time that works for everyone. It can easily turn into a majorly time-consuming task that results in delayed responses to your potential or existing clients. 

    Instead, add a booking link integration to your website. Visitors will be able to schedule meetings within seconds. The integration utilizes you and your team’s calendars without anyone having to sift through pages of upcoming events. 

    You can even provide specific links for different types of meetings. For instance, a discovery call may require 30 minutes and a select few people from your team. Whereas another type of meeting may require a different amount of time with a different selection of your employees. 

    Search Bar 

    A thoughtful, well-executed website will accomplish several goals. For instance, it’s encouraged to include the answers to questions that you often find yourself clarifying over phone calls and emails. 

    If you’ve made the decision to include a wealth of information on your website, help yourself and your audience by making that data easy to find. The best way to do this is to include a search bar. This way, your website visitors will be able to locate helpful resources within seconds. 

    Otherwise, you may continue to find yourself on the other end of phone calls and emails explaining information that’s already on your website. 

    Case Management Software

    Look around your office. Do you see handwritten to-do lists scattered across every  desk? Moreover, are you constantly being asked by your team to confirm deadlines for specific tasks?

    This can become time-consuming, confusing, and downright frustrating. But now, you can save your entire office time and energy with integrated case management software that will simultaneously improve your workflow.

    Helpful case management software will allow your office to create tasks, delegate responsibilities, track time and progress, and confirm when each action is completed.  

    Client Portal 

    It’s fairly common for your law firm’s clients to call, email, or even stop by unannounced to inquire about the status of their legal case. While client communications are important, this can be burdensome and even annoying at times.

    Between your CRM and client portal, you can keep your clients happy and apprised of their current status through these integrations. PRO TIP: Take a note from Exults and include key performance indicators (KPI) tracking in your client portal. If you’re a current or former client of ours, you know that you can access your KPIs at any time through our ARC client portal. It is mutually beneficial to all of our clients and the Exults team. 

    Online Billing Software

    How many people do you employ for the sole purpose of handling your billing and other finances? 

    With so much of our lives happening online these days, it’s fairly common to not receive change of address updates as was once the norm. And with the amount of scammers and phishing attempts, legitimate emails are often inaccurately marked as spam. As a result, communications go missing. When this affects collecting payments, this can cause major issues for your law firm.

    Instead of dealing with the headaches, streamline your bill collections into an online billing website integration. Clients will know to securely sign in to pay their bills. Plus, you can set up your online billing software to send reminders until the bill is paid. This saves your office time, energy, paper, postage, and more.

    E-Signature Software

    Whether your clients have all embraced technology, it’s a safe bet that the majority are fully capable of using your e-signature integration. 

    Rather than having to track down all parties whose signatures you need, you can easily have them e-sign from their computer, tablet, or even smartphone!

    Gone are the days of progress being held hostage while you wait for someone to get back in town or take the time to swing by your office to sign on the dotted line.

    Google Connections

    Are you showcasing your best client feedback? Or tracking your marketing efforts to see exactly what is and what is not working?

    By integrating Google connections, like Google reviews and Google Analytics, your law firm can do more of what is creating positive feedback and results. And when the analytics show that a certain campaign isn’t performing as intended, this gives you the opportunity to pivot your marketing budget for the best results. 

    Enhance Your Legal Website’s Capabilities With Integrations By Exults

    What Is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Website Page?

    Aside from integration research and implementation for clients, we use them ourselves. Having seen the results firsthand, we know that integrations are useful in streamlining workflows to increase productivity and revenue. 

    Trust your law firm website to the experts at Exults who drive results. Contact us for a custom quote today!

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