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  • Holiday Social Media Trends: The Best Strategies for Improving Your Social Media Presence

    The holiday season may look different this year, but it remains one of the busiest times for consumers and businesses alike. Small businesses and major retailers are doing everything they can to bring in sales despite the new challenges 2020 has presented, including utilizing holiday social media trends. With a shift to e-commerce and digital marketing, having a strong social media presence is key for any business to have a successful holiday season and new year.

    With so many different platforms at our fingertips, it can be difficult to know where to begin outlining your social media strategy. Luckily, the social media experts at Exults are here to help identify holiday trends, what’s doing well this year, and what’s likely to continue seeing growth. 

    Here are some holiday social media trends your company can take advantage of this season:

    Start Making Video Content

    make video content to capitalize on holiday social media trends

    Video content has been increasing in popularity for years, and 2020 proved a big year for platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Because of this, brands have begun to embrace video content more than ever. If your company hasn’t delved into this category yet, the holiday season is the perfect time to do so. 

    Video is a compelling and visual way to get your messaging across and expand your following. The important thing about creating videos is to avoid being too salesy. Content like this should be about providing value and entertainment. Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, reach and sales will follow.

    There are plenty of platforms for creating and sharing videos. TikTok and Instagram Stories have become must-haves over the past year or so, but YouTube is a staple in this category, particularly when it comes to long-form content. 

    Which platform will work for you depends on where your audience is most likely to be and the kind of message you’re hoping to get across. For the holiday season, you can use videos to promote any sales and deals you’re having, as well as to spread cheer and talk about how you’re celebrating.

    Promote the Act of Giving Back

    promote giving back on social media this holiday season

    The holiday season is all about giving, and charities could certainly use the extra hand this year. With so many struggling this holiday season, your brand can pitch in to help. This can take many forms — from hosting a toy or food drive to collecting donations for the charity of your choice. Whatever cause your company chooses to focus on, promoting on social channels is a good idea.

    First, highlighting what you’re doing to help your community will endear people to your business. It never hurts to be associated with goodwill, especially as people look for local businesses to support. In fact, a recent study from Zeno demonstrates that consumers are more likely to shop at companies with “purpose.”

    Promoting what you’re doing on socials will also enable you to involve your customers in the process. Not only will they get to know your brand by participating, but collecting toys or food might bring them into your store. It’s a win-win situation.

    Show Your Staff Some Love

    holiday parties make for great content featuring your happy employees

    Donating to charity isn’t the only way to show appreciation this year. Another way to spread the love this holiday season is by highlighting how much you appreciate your staff. Presenting a united front to customers is always important, and that’s especially true after this year.

    Post a status update, story, or video thanking those who have continued to show up for your business all year. If you plan on hosting some kind of holiday party to thank your staff (virtual gatherings work too), you can also take a picture and share that to social media. It will show your customers you have your priorities straight, and it will make them feel involved.

     Get Festive on Your Stories

    holiday social media trends include festive stories across your channels

    We could all use some extra cheer this year, so don’t be afraid to get festive with social media stories. With many consumers having a quieter holiday season in 2020, your followers are bound to appreciate any festivity that comes their way. Instagram’s story feature is probably the most popular, but Facebook and Twitter also enable brands to share stories.

    As for what to share in your social stories, your company can and should mix it up. If you’re running promotions or deals, your customers will no doubt want to hear about it. The same goes for any charitable events you’re hosting or supporting. 

    It also can’t hurt to show your followers how you’re celebrating the holidays. Posting your store’s decorations or any festive projects you’re doing at home will give your feeds a personalized feel. Personalization often strengthens customer loyalty. Your customers will get to know you better through your stories and feel like they’re celebrating the holidays alongside you.

    Even just wishing your followers “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” on your stories can go a long way. You want your customers to feel the warmth and positivity often associated with this time of year. If your brand can give them those feelings by taking advantage of holiday social media trends, they’re more likely to return!

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