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  • While many marketers are focused on optimizing for mobile, they’re not necessarily considering all of their options. Google has found that almost 20 percent of all mobile searches are done with voice search, either directly into mobile devices themselves or through digital assistants like Alexa. Optimizing for voice search isn’t a complex process, but it does require brands to be actively aware of how they’re targeting their audiences.

    Use Natural Language and Phrases

    The days of keyword-stuffing for SEO are long over. Instead of forcing awkward keywords into your content creation tactics, use natural phrases and language that people would use. For example, instead of trying to rank highly for “massage hot stone Boise,” you could choose the phrase “best hot stone massage in Boise.”

    Using natural keywords also increases your long-tail options and might help your rankings improve.

    Make Note of Synonyms and Casual Terms That Customers Use

    If you want to optimize your content to match your customer’s way of speaking, then it’s important to understand how they communicate. For example, would they look for a massage therapist, a massage parlor, or a massage spa? If you’re optimizing for terms that your customers never use then you could struggle with voice search marketing.

    Keep Growing Your Local Footprint

    Many users try to use voice search as a hands-free way to use their phones in the car. By enhancing your mobile search efforts, you can increase the chances that your results show up when someone is searching for a nearby location. Experts everywhere have found a good local SEO strategy helps voice search results.

    To learn more about how your brand can optimize for voice search and identify ways to improve your overall SEO, reach out to the organic search team at Exults. We can help you gain visibility and create a better mobile experience.

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