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  • Super Senior Connection is an online community 100% catered to senior citizens leading active lifestyles. The brainchild of Arthur Stevens, Muay Thai boxer and fitness enthusiast, the site is designed to bring people of all ages together for conversation, exchange of knowledge, and light-hearted entertainment. Discussion topics include travel, fitness, wealth management, community service, advice, and more.home-middle

    Designing a multi-faceted site with several engagement points was an interesting challenge. Our primary goal was to create a balance between each of the desired user actions while keeping the overall design simple and free of clutter. We knew the audience would mainly be using this site in their off time, so keeping the site user-friendly and easy to navigate on devices other than computers became a critical piece of development. All functionality was thoroughly tested for compatibility on tablets and mobile devices to ensure there was no loss in quality at any level.

    The architecture of the site consists of highly customized installations of BuddyPress, BBPress, and WordPress designed to work seamlessly together. Outside of the forum functionality, users are also able to create accounts, upload pictures, and submit articles to the site. User-submitted articles also have the opportunity to be “featured” so as to encourage submissions.

    One of the most unique features of the online community, however, is the Super Senior Star area where user-submitted messages ranging from birthday wishes to announcements and acknowledgments. The goal of this feature is to create a place where community contributors will be recognized for their participation and input within the community.

    After several months of development and testing, we’re beyond excited to see this unique “online rec room” come to life. Art’s vision and guidance throughout the project kept us on course and proved to be invaluable when we came to proverbial “forks in the road.” As with any sites that feature UGC (user generated content), where this community ends up in now in the hands of the very people we built it for; and we can’t wait to see what it becomes!



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