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  • In today’s digital world, it seems as though everything is done online. From purchasing items, researching any information that may come to mind, or even contacting a person or business can easily be done by the click of a mouse on the internet. As an internet marketing agency, we understand the magnitude of what having a website can create for all businesses, big or small. As this article states: small businesses need to stay on top of digital if they want clients- and themselves to be happy. Exults completely agrees with this statement. “Having your website shown in multiple search engines is the modern day business listing in the phone-book/yellow-pages” quoted Exults Search Specialist, Romayne Taylor. “When vetting your brand, consumers often turn to the internet to learn the services you offer, your reputation, and to read reviews. If your website is outdated, you risk losing their business to a competitor with a better web presence” quoted Exults Director of Operations Danielle Enzinna. If you are one of the 45.9% of businesses who believe the volume of online clients you receive could be improved, contact us, we’d be glad to help!

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