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Exults Usage

Why “exults” is the most underrated word that you need to use

Exults: to be extremely joyful, to rejoice, to feel or show great happiness.

You’ve probably heard the word “exult” and its variations before. While it’s not one of the most popular words in the English language, it’s been used more and more — I’ve been seeing it appear in headlines both in local and national newsrooms. And honestly, that’s only a good thing.

First off, it’s pretty dang perfect. In one word, “exult” captures a bursting of glee, a happiness so intense you have to jump with joy. Its etymology began with the two latin words “ex” and “salire,” meaning “out, upward” and “to leap.” What better word to exemplify happiness and celebration than one with roots meaning to jump for joy?

Its modern form of “exult” has been around for hundreds of years and is owed its due. The first documentation of its use was in 1548, the same year the words “anxious,” “immature,” “obliterate” and “telltale” were first seen. “Exult” is in pretty good company.

Also, for journalists putting together a headline, where every space counts, “exults” is four fewer characters than “celebrates.” News outlets have discovered this and are making use of this word that packs a punch, including Variety, Politico, CNN, US News & World Report and NBC News.

Looking forward to the results of the General Election on Nov. 3, I challenge more writers and journalists to try out this word when the winner of the election is announced. Or for any story where people are exulting, for that matter. Why not say the Lakers exulted in their NBA championship? Or the LA Dodgers exult advancing to the World Series? Perhaps communities are exulting in an above-average response to the Census, the passage of a new law, or a feel-good local news story.

Exult has been waiting for you to use it since 1548 — give it a shot!

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