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  • You’re on a mission. You’ve even imagined your campaign’s gone viral. If only that could come true.

    Having the right plan in place is going to help. So, let’s get organized. Follow our top four tips and you’ll be well on the way to giving your social media campaign strategy your best shot.

    It’s time to get connected. Let’s get the show on the road.

    1. Set Clear Objectives

    You need a plan. That means giving yourself clear goals. These could be anything from direct sales to a boost in awareness of your product. You’ll also need a mechanism to measure the success of these goals.

    Decide who your target market so you are sure to attract the audience you want. Think about the age, location, income, and type of work of your ideal client.

    Give some thought about where you are right now in terms of social media. Where are you most active? Are all your networks up to date with great photos and copy? Who are your main competitors?

    Have a short mission statement which focuses on what you want to achieve. It’ll help you decide on what to share and the type of content you’re going to create.

    2. Understand the Rules

    Make sure you are familiar with any guidelines for running a promotion on your chosen sites. Facebook, for example, has strict rules you must follow.

    There are many apps that may give you assistance with running your campaign. Many are even free and can help you reach another level with competitions, coupons, and other offers.

    Think about SEO. Every social media outlet has its own search engine. So, before you even begin your campaign, make sure you come up with keywords you want to rank for socially. You can then incorporate these into your posts.

    3. Let the Fun Begin

    You have your mission statement and you know who your audience is. Now is the fun part. You can begin to create engaging content for your social media channels. Think pictures, videos, blogs, and soundbites.

    Make sure your content forms match your mission statement, and that you have the necessary skills to create them.  You may also need to create a landing page so that visitors know they’ve come to the right place.

    Make a schedule on your calendar. Decide which days and at what times you are going to post content. Establish the type of message you’re going to send out and when.

    4. Adapt Your Social Media Campaign Strategy

    Engage with any social media influencers you have already approached. Their help could be vital. Be prepared to adapt your campaign if that’s what their advice is.

    Make sure you use social media management tools available. Failure to do so is going to cost you a lot of man-hours.

    Follow up regularly with all your new contacts.

    Putting In the Work

    A successful social media campaign strategy requires a lot of effort. No pain, no gain.

    We are the experts. If you need help with your campaign, contact the team at Exults for a quote today.

    Exults - 4 Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Campaign

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