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    Numerous candidates running for office in 2020 have been called out for using Google’s dynamic translation tool on their official websites. Errors made by machine-powered translation widget often compromise the intended meaning or correctness of a phrase. With almost 62 million Americans speaking a different first language at home, your onsite content shouldn’t be English-only.

    Implementing a website translation inherently extends the reach of your messaging and sharpens your competitive advantage. When given the choice, most people prefer to receive important information (such as political policy changes) in their own language. Here are a few reasons you should hire a professional to translate your content.

    It Shows You Care About Accessibility

    English speakers are privileged every day in America. We’re so used to it we’ve gone blind to the fact that every sign, instruction, and direction you pass in the U.S. is written in English. When it comes to the 2020 election, the Hispanic population in the US is expected to make up the second largest bloc of voters. When it comes to making content on your website accessible to everyone, Spanish should be a major consideration.

    Not Everything Has a Direct Translation

    When translating from one language to another, there isn’t always a direct one-to-one translation. At times, entire sentences may need to be re-written to account for verbiage inconsistencies across languages. Much of the context can be lost or misstated when you isolate sentences and put them through a dynamic translation tool.

    Automatic translation tools like Google Translate learn through suggested translations from the public. It also translates one word at a time, rather then complete sentences. There is no governing authority to verify that the output from the tool is accurate. The tricky task of translation requires either native speakers or professional translators familiar with regional languages, relevant jargon, and social correctness.

    Google Translate will give you a general idea of a phrase, but mistranslation, especially in politics, is something to be cognizant of. The only way to ensure you aren’t misrepresenting your content online is to have your website content translated by a professional translator.

    Multilingual Content Strategy

    If your business serves a market that is multilingual, developing a content strategy focused on the languages your customers speak can be a large component of growing your customer base. As with all things related to content, a solid strategy is the key to success. Contact us today and learn more about a multilingual content strategy for your business. You can also check out our other services here.


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