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  • In honor of Back to the Future day, we’ve compiled our favorite tools to help us see past, present, and future performance of our online marketing initiatives.

    1. Way Back Machine aka Internet Archive

    This tool is not only useful in a practical sense, but also very nostalgic. With the Way Back Machine, you can see the way your (or anyone else’s) website looked like over the last few years. It’s a great way to track brand evolution and tie historic messaging back into peaks or valleys in performance.


    1. Google Trends

    Interested in what is being search right now? Want to know interest over time for a specific keyword? Look no further than Google Trends. You can explore what’s trending right now by topic, country, category, or select one of the featured topics and learn more about what people are searching for on Google. In our opinion, the best part of Google Trends is the collaborative Zeitgeist listicles that are put together at the end of every year. Check out this special edition Halloween Frightgeist!

    What are you favorite time-travelling tools? We’d love to hear about them!

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