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    Instagram launched in 2010 and now boasts over 1 billion monthly users. They know what they’re doing when it comes to attracting and keeping an audience. Constant improvement and new updated features are partly responsible for that growth.

    Keep reading to find out more about the Instagram update, “recommended posts.” We’ll also talk about what Instagram can do for your business brand and why you should include it in your marketing plan.

    Instagram: Recommended Posts Update

    Have you heard about the recommended posts update? After Instagram tested the feature on select accounts, they secretly released it on a full-scale basis. Here’s what has changed.

    In the past, recommended posts were separate from the user feed. They were still there, but only accessible from a dedicated tab. This option let the user choose whether to view them.

    With the new Instagram update, recommended posts now show up right in the user feed. They come after unseen posts from people you follow. This new feature increases the likelihood that the recommended posts are getting exposure.

    The “Recommended for You” section suggests three to five posts which the accounts you follow have liked. Beside each post is a follow button, making it easy to get new followers if they want your content. The only choice users have at getting rid of the recommendations is to hide them temporarily.

    Recommended Posts and Social Media Marketing

    While some individuals on Instagram are complaining about the new update, chalk it up as an advantage for business social media marketing. It offers more significant exposure to content.

    It also provides a potential increase in followers since the follow button is right there. Users don’t have to click through to your profile to follow you.

    These types of updates contribute to Instagram becoming a more valuable platform for marketing purposes. In fact, Instagram also recently introduced the ability to follow hashtags as well. Both are effective features for business use.

    Why Use Instagram in Your Marketing?

    With the enormous active global user base and business-friendly features, it’s vital that you don’t skip this social media platform in your marketing plan. Besides having a large number of diverse users, Instagrammers spend lots of time in the app too. 60% visit daily and 35% visit many times per day.

    Without using hardcore selling techniques, Instagram allows businesses to:

    • Showcase Products
    • Humanize Their Brand
    • Recruit Talent
    • Gain Exposure
    • Inspire Users

    Did you know that 70% of the platform’s users have already used Instagram to look up a brand? And that 70% of the most popular hashtags are brand names? Another interesting Instagram fact, brand engagement is ten times higher than on Facebook.

    Instagram is great at turning passive lookers into buyers; you just need followers and quality content.

    What’s the Bottom Line?

    With updates such as the recommended posts feature, Instagram is becoming a must-have platform for business. If your company isn’t currently using Instagram in its marketing, why not?

    Need help formulating and executing an e-marketing strategy for Instagram? Contact us; we’d love to help.

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