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  • Emotions make our decisions. 95% of purchasing decisions are decided by our subconscious mind. So why focus entirely on the concrete benefits our companies offer when it’s the intangible things that push sales? This is the power of creating a brand identity.

    In every market, there is a leading brand. They have competitors with nearly identical products or services. Still, more customers will pay up to 8x’s more for the brand they trust.

    How can you establish a company brand that will let you demand more for the value you give? Here is a brief primer for corporate brand design.

    Define Your Brand Identity

    Before you create any logos or make any decisions on what you look like or sound like, you must define who you are.


    Your audience will shape your brand. Who are they? Who are they not? The more targeted and clear you are, the stronger your brand will be.


    What are your company’s biggest goals? Your brand will be a tool to help you grow. Define how you want to grow. Think about the emotional benefits you are selling. Is it trust, security, novelty, simplicity? Decide on what psychological triggers you want to hone in on and how they will help you meet your goal.

    Brand Persona

    Create a Brand Persona. This is a collection of values, personality traits and attitudes your brand would have if it were a person.

    Key Messages

    Establish your Key Messages. These messages are the main things your audience should take away from everything you put out into the world.


    To stand apart from the competition, you need to make it clear why you are different. The factors that will position your brand are:

    • Who do you serve?
    • Why are you different?
    • What is the brand story?
    • What is the brand promise?
    • What are your unique selling propositions?


    You must spell out why you are the better option.

    “People don’t buy the what; they buy the why.” – Simon Sinek

    Now that you’ve established what your brand will be, it’s time to put the pieces together.

    Brand Voice

    Your brand voice is the tone of voice and language you use. It needs to be Authentic and true to your company values. Remember that you are using this voice to build relationships.


    Choose fonts that will be used across all your marketing. This serves to establish consistency. Usually, a header font and a body font are enough.

    Visual Branding

    Now we get to the stuff many people think about when we say “branding”. It’s the stuff you see.

    How would you describe the Nike logo? If you said “swoosh”, what is that anyway? It’s Nike. A swoosh exists no place else. That brings us to the logo.


    A great Logo will be distinct, memorable, scalable, and easy to apply across different mediums.


    You also must decide what type of images to use. They must show your type of customer and express the attitudes of your brand persona.


    Lastly, pick your colors. 85% of shoppers say that color is the main reason why they buy a product. What can colors express? A lot. Here are just a few examples of how you can use color with your brand.

    • Red: defiance, power
    • Blue: intelligence, calmness
    • Yellow: optimism, creativity
    • Green: harmony, truth
    • Orange: warmth, abundance
    • Black: sophistication, glamour
    • White: clarity, efficiency
    • Brown: reliability, security

    When you manage your brand’s visual identity you will create trust and familiarity over time. Apply these elements to every touch point people have with your brand and you will steadily build a strong brand image.

    Your Brand is an Asset 

    As stated at the beginning of this post, people will pay more for an established brand. A brand identity is as much of a business asset as a fleet of trucks. The best companies all invest in building a strong company brand.

    If you know that it’s time to strengthen your brand, we’d love to help guide you through the process. See what we can offer your brand, or contact us.

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