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  • search engine optimizationSmall-business owners who are trying to maintain an online presence face an uphill battle with such a crowded marketplace. Technology changes so quickly that keeping your name at the top of the search engine queue feels like a full-time job. One factor that many entrepreneurs miss is the power of the online review. Here are four ways that reviews can affect your presence on the Google search engine.


    Adds Value

    If someone takes the time to write a review of your business, they’re likely to share their views in other ways as well. When your users share a review on their social media pages, Google takes note and accounts for that in their ranking algorithms. The more links and websites that are associated with your website and brand, the more valuable Google deems your website. If Google sees that you are rated favorably and have relevant content to what people are searching, websites rank higher in SERPs. The more people that search for your reviews and products Google

    Creates Fresh User-Generated Content

    According to Search Engine Watch, 90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business and 88% of consumers trust online reviews like personal recommendations. To further prove the added value of reviews in the backend of Google’s algorithm weighing connected and linked content, there is an increased focus on content, uniqueness, device friendliness, and social sharing. When a customer or client writes a genuine review of your business, that’s a piece of fresh, new content for your site. The author’s voice is likely more genuine than anything you could draft yourself. Google is always looking for the latest and greatest, so you can never have too much original and unique information. Reviews are a great form of relevant content.

    Boosts Long-Tail Keyword Traffic

    Your clients and consumers likely use the same words to describe your goods and services that searchers use when they Google you. The close match helps the search engine connect the consumer’s search to the written review.

    Increased Social Hype

    If impressive reviews catch wind and start viral conversation or simply a boost in conversation, you are not only increasing social reach, but this can boost lead conversion. This proves love for your products and subsequently trust in your brand, which Google tracks and values in SERPs.

    Advertising via customer review is nothing new. While it was once in-person, word-of-mouth interaction, now your clients can share their views with the whole world rather than just the neighbor next door. Most likely, online reviews of your business are going to happen. Why not take advantage of them to raise your online profile within the Google search engine? Contact Exults today and let us show you how.

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