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Learn how we increased reservations for luxury transportation thanks to a new website and marketing.

  • Branding
  • Redevelopment
  • Wordpress
  • Responsive
  • Reservation System Integration

The Project.

Luxury-focused redesign of a previously self-built website.

Sometimes creating your own site makes sense. Blogging about muffins? Sure. But, after years of trying to market a self-made HTML site for transportation services with marginal success, Infinity Transportation decided it was time to give us a call. They were looking to give their clients the same great experience on the web as they do in person. Expert intervention, if you will.

After our discovery meeting, it was clear we needed to give the new site a much more “luxury” feel while still presenting an affordable tone throughout. Infinity needed to stand out to a potential traveler researching all of their options. What would make someone contact Infinity?

We decided an audience-centered approach would be best to appeal to the type of transportation needed for a given situation.

The Creative.

Infinity Transportation was is need of an identify and brand presence to distance themselves from their competitors. We started with a clean, modern color scheme and desaturated photos to really give it that luxury feel we were after. It also needed to be very simple for a potential client to contact Infinity without having to dig around their site - this was an audience that was always on the move.

The Responsive.

Making sure the website displayed well on mobile was huge - a large amount of users would be researching transportation solutions on their mobile devices on the go. We needed to make sure the experience was as seamless as possible between all sizes a user would be viewing.

Want to see the devices rotated?

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