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Learn how we increased leads for an established service company through a complete website redesign.

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The Project.

Bringing industry-leading breakroom solutions to more businesses.

At Exults, we grind our own coffee. We experiment with our own cold brew. We know to warn each other when “Death Wish” coffee is on deck (usually on Mondays). When Paramount Refreshment Solutions, the leading enterprise-level refreshment solution provider on the East Coast, came to us to redevelop their website, we were ready. Paramount had an unmatched service they provided, but needed to enhance their web strategy for better conversions.

Still slightly jittery from our last cup, we began researching the market and what potential clients were looking for in selecting a refreshment solution for their business. We took those finding and applied them during every stage of the redevelopment, making sure to describe each service clearly and provide the opportunities for an interested user to reach out.

We also found out Paramount offered a great free trial service, where they would come out to an interested client and provide them the service and products totally free – something mentioned on the previous site, but left mostly unexplained. We were ready to get started.

The Creative.

Not only did we redevelop their website, we overhauled their brand identify. Paramount now had a clear web presence with a much simpler user experience. Each service that was offered is now properly outlined, with the benefits of using Paramount listed each step of the way. By adding persistent calls to action, the user no longer had to try to find what we wanted them to do on the site - it was now the main focus.

The Responsive.

Rather than build a dedicated mobile site that would need to be maintained separate from the main site, we redeveloped the project responsively to ensure the user experience would be as seamless as possible. Calls to action for the “Free Trial” remain very visible as does the phone number, allowing the user to get in touch quickly right from their mobile device.

Want to see the devices rotated?

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