Analytics Reporting

One of the most unique features of online marketing is its analytical capabilities. An interactive audience unknowingly leaves behind feedback in response to your marketing message in the form of user behavior. Exults will track and analyze these behaviors, and provide you with the information needed to help you understand the effectiveness of your investment allocation and marketing message.

At Exults we power our data tracking and analysis using the most-up-to-date Analytics. We track many characteristics of the visitors arriving at your site including:

Tracking overall site usage gives marketers a strong overview of the website traffic behavior for a chosen period of time. This data allows marketers to analyze the effectiveness of an individual campaign compared to their marketing efforts as a whole.

  • Visits

    Identifies the total number of visitors arriving at your website


    Total number of pages your website visitors have seen as an aggregate sum


    Average number of pages each visitor has viewed on a particular visit

    Bounce Rate

    Percentage of visitors arriving on a single page of your website and exiting from that same entry point

    Avg. Time on Site

    Quantity of time each visitor has spent on your website

    New Visits

    Percentage of visitors identified as new visitors to your website

Tracking the diverse origin of visitors arriving at your site enables Exults to assess your websites exposure.

  • Search Engines

    The quantity of visitors identified as arriving from search engines

    Referring Sites

    Websites sending traffic to your website

    Direct Traffic

    traffic typing in your website’s URL


    Traffic reaching your website from unidentified locations

Discover which keywords are generating the most traffic to your website. Exults will then measure whether specific keywords are delivering your desired results.

Identifying on a map where your traffic is originating from allows Exults to measure the results of geographically targeting your clients.

Visitor overview provides traffic data each day of the month, which allows us to track the performance of your marketing campaigns day by day.

Setting up goal points throughout your website can ensure that various areas from your website are visited. Goal points can include visiting a specific website, filling out a contact form, or an Ecommerce purchase.

An Ecommerce Overview measures conversion rates of a shopping cart or a specific opt-in point you want your visitors to reach. This tool can be used to measure how specific changes in your marketing have affected the direct performance of your website.

Exults is pleased to provide you with the above tools because we are committed to being a customer service centered agency and we are always focused on keeping our clients at the leading edge for tracking the performance of their Online Marketing campaigns.

Internet marketing works. Let us prove it.

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