A comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) strategy is what your educational facility needs to increase enrollment of quality students. Internet marketing will increase traffic to your website while generating interest in the programs and classes your school offers.

Exults will help your Educational Facility

  • Organic SEO

    Students will research potential schools online, so you will want to make sure your school is one of the first to show up on search engine rankings. Organic SEO takes relevant keywords and implements them into your website content and the backend of your website. Adding these keywords to your website will ensure it is search engine friendly. [Learn More]

  • Website Content

    After organic SEO and other forms of SEM capture the attention of potential students, you will need to have content on your website to keep these students interested. Your educational website should be packed full of content for prospective students, which can include information about your programs, financial aid and faculty. Exults will develop content for you using relevant keywords, so students searching for a place to further their education will land on your website. [Learn More]

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

    Exults will develop your SEM strategy and help you determine where your marketing dollars will get the best ROI. Pay-per-click advertising will position your ad to appear when potential students are searching for competing schools. You can also use this form of advertising to test ad offers and keywords, which can later be incorporated into your organic SEO strategy. [Learn More]

  • Email Marketing

    Students will begin searching for potential schools long before they make a decision on where to enroll. Keep your school top of mind by regularly communicating with your website visitors through email marketing.  Exults will help you capture email addresses of potential students and develop the copy that will entice them to apply and enroll.

  • Metrics

    By keeping your website content fresh and applying the insights you gather from metrics put into place, Exults will continually improve your SEM strategy. By analyzing overall website usage, goal conversions, keywords and other metrics you can ensure the success of your Internet marketing strategy. [Learn More]

Internet marketing works. Let us prove it.

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