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  • long form content for seoGaining organic traffic sets you higher than your competitors, costs less than sponsored search, and can gain your brand more credibility over time.

    One of the best strategies to gain organic traffic is posting great long-form content on your website. But, it can’t only be good quality content. It has to follow the SEO fundamentals to gain organic traffic.

    We’re going to tell you 4 article writing tips you should follow to write great long-form content to grow your organic traffic. Ready to learn more?

    4 Article Writing Tips to Use in Your Long-Form Content

    Putting out great content on a website is a feat for any company. You want to sell your products and services without sounding like an advertisement. Your company website is a great opportunity to provide value to your customer in a personable way.

    How can your business achieve this? One of the best ways is by sharing great relevant content. Yet, you must ensure it follows SEO best practice.

    After all, you want your content to help your current customers in addition to bringing new customers through your door. Here are 4 long-form website content writing tips to grow your organic traffic:

    1. Write Content for Your Target Audience

    All your website content must be relevant to your customer. Sometimes businesses miss the mark in their content because they want to cater to a larger audience. Your content can be diverse but, it must be about your industry.

    Great relevant content should aim to appeal to the audience’s interests and answer their questions – Not all your posts should be about selling your products. You should tell the audience about your expertise and why they should choose your company over your competitors.

    2. Write Comprehensive Long-Form Content

    Your long-form content should be comprehensive and lengthy. It can’t just be a quick overview with a hundred words – You should choose some important points about a topic and discuss them in detail, which will provide value to your customer that they can’t find anywhere else.

    3. Use SEO Headlines and Subheadings

    Many content writers underestimate the power of headlines and subheadings. Your headlines and headings have to be powerful. The best way to do this is by optimizing them for SEO.

    Your content headlines and subheadings should include rich keywords. They should be able to catch the readers attention but include words that will help Google read the “skeleton” of your content. Each heading and subheading Google reads as a “chapter name” and will help Google categorize and read your content easier. In turn, your website will rank higher and your have more long-term standings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

    4. Include Your Focus Keyword and Keyword Phrases in the Body of Your Content

    We can’t deny that organic traffic depends a lot on your ranking. To rank well on search engines, you must use your focus keyword and keyword phrases in the body of your content. When Google spiders your website, it’ll look for relevant content that matches what the user searched.

    Although, you should be careful not to overdo it. In the past, it was best practice to jam pack as many keywords into your website’s content as you could with no requirements of readability and sensibility. Times have changed and Google has become smarter. Now, although keywords are important, Google algorithms look for readability and natural.

    Additionally, keyword research can help you assess what keywords will rank better in your industry.

    Can High-Quality Long-Form Content Grow Your Organic Traffic?

    Yes, high-quality long-form content can grow your organic traffic. Remember that good content is part of the equation.

    You’ll need to focus on optimizing your content for SEO always keeping your audience in mind. We’re confident that if you follow our article writing tips, your organic traffic will grow in no time.

    Want to optimize your content to grow your organic traffic? We can help! Contact us for more information about our services.

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