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  • Don’t have a business Instagram account? You should.

    The social media sharing software offers users a platform to post pictures and videos, comment on them, and save them. Instagram is especially popular with Millennials and Gen Z users, making is a top ad platform for certain products and services.

    Generally, young urbanites prefer Instagram as their social media platform. More than 70% of Instagram users are 13-17 years old, and another 64% fall into the 18-29-year-old age group. In addition, four out of every five users live outside the United States. More than 25 million companies rely on Instagram, and when you consider that the platform hosts one billion users, that’s a market size worth noticing.

    If you’re not active on Instagram, you’re missing out on an opportunity to be relevant because you (and your product or services) aren’t in front of your fans.

    Initial steps

    First, download the app to your mobile device or computer. If you already have a personal Instagram account, you can easily switch it over to a business account. Doing so sense if you already have a following. If you’re new to Instagram, however, begin with a business account.

    Once you’re logged in to the app, you’ll need to set up your Business Profile by following these five steps:

    1. Sign up by entering your email, creating a username (short and memorable), and answering the registration questions.
    2. Select continue to get to the option that says, “Connect the Facebook Page.” Link your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business Profile for instant sharing between platforms. Only business pages can be linked. Your Instagram Business Profile lets you share a little about yourself beyond the basics, like your name and website. You can also sign in by using Facebook, which owns Instagram.

      You have the option of creating a short bio, and we recommend you take advantage of it. It’s an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself and tell about your brand. Keep it short and friendly, like you would an exchange between friends.

      You’ll also need a profile picture, either your logo or a picture of yourself. First impressions matter on this visual sharing platform. Your picture must be sharp and fit within the frame.

    3. Begin following, posting, sharing and liking – similar to how Facebook functions.

    Check back often in the settings of your Instagram Business Page to review how well your posts are performing among various demographic groups. If the results aren’t what you’d hoped for, it may be time to look into ad placements.

    Develop an Instagram strategy

    Your Instagram Profile has to lead your brand. Every post has the ability to make an impression on a customer. The more posts your customer sees, the more they recognize who you are and what you stand for. To do this, make sure you create a consistent image using a style and tone that fits your brand. Additionally, your brand must:

    • Be true. Think about your mission and vision. In two or three words, what would it be? Focus your content on that brief explanation. Talk about what matters most to you and your customers. Share your passion for what you do, and people will follow you.
    • Be engaging. Boring doesn’t sell. Being yourself sells. Consumers want to know that you are just as fallible as everyone else, and they’ll love you for sharing your defeats and mistakes. Talk about what is most interesting in your business or industry – trends, tips, anything that brings people back again and again to see what you’re up to.
    • Create connections. Respond to comments, like and share other posts as the ambassador of your brand. Engagement gets you noticed.

    Your Instagram Business Profile and a little strategy are all you need to get started. If you haven’t established your business Instagram account yet, what are you waiting for?


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