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  • This Thanksgiving the holiday shopping landscape has continued to shift.  It should not come as a shock that e-commerce sales continued to grow as traditional store sales and traffic have slowed down.  Consumers are opting for more convenience and ability to shop online.  Having products delivered to their door or available for pick-up at stores.

    In an effort to attempt to buck the trends and get foot traffic some retail locations are holding back online deals in an effort to drive more people into their locations.  In some situations this worked, but numerous retailers still found there in-store traffic to continue to decline versus previous years.  It seems the hours of store operations and the craze to be the first ones at the store just does not create the same urgency as previous years.

    According to data from Quantcast https://www.quantcast.com/top-sites/ the following stores were ranked in the top 100 websites, Amazon #3, eBay #9, Walmart #24, Target #29, Etsy #66, and BestBuy #77.  3 of the top 6 websites here are pure e-commerce plays (except for Amazon with its recent purchase of Whole Foods).   Whole Foods currently has 474 stores, Walmart has 5,000 stores and clubs nationwide, Target has 1,834 stores in the United States, and BestBuy has 1,026 stores.  Amazon did test utilizing their Whole Foods distribution points to sell electronic products for the home.

    It is very interesting to see Etsy make the list of top websites selling goods, with a unique approach to retail they are really a great place for niche and small businesses to have a presence.  They have assisted a lot boutiques and niche resellers in establishing a great marketplace to sell their products online.

    The website that continues to blow my mind year after year is Macys.com and their inability to remove Google ads from the footer of their website.  Either a webmaster there is pulling a fast one and getting a fat check from Google every month or someone in the marketing department is sleeping at the wheel.  Would highly recommend they remove the ads from their website, just saying.

    Macys screenshot of Google Ads






    The trends of online sales continuing to increase every year and this should be less and less of a shock retailers and businesses every year.  We should continue to see digital climb and sales increase via mobile devices and other digital forms of transacting.

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