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  • Small businesses have the ability to get an edge online if they explore all of the marketing options available to them. As the technology of mobile devices improves the advertising opportunities also improve. Here are some of the top mobile marketing methods to be aware of:

    • Mobile app: offering a mobile app for your customer base adds another dimension of awareness in the marketplace. You don’t need to have an industry leading app, but simply by having one does add a lot of value to your overall marketing push. Keep in mind, an app may not be perfect for every industry.
    • Text marketing: engaging in a casual and friendly text marketing campaign can be an effective way to market your products when on a limited budget. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays so reaching large segments of the population shouldn’t be a problem.
    • Mobile-ready website: a poorly optimized website for mobile devices will leave mobile users frustrated and unable to take advantage of the products you are offering. Ensure a mobile friendly website is created that supports those on a mobile device. In addition, Google and other search engines are taking preference to mobile sites because it is estimated that 60% of users on the web are using a mobile device.
    • Mobile payments: for a comprehensive mobile buying experience mobile payments must be added. It would be unacceptable if the buyer was ready to buy, but was unable to do so because there is a lack of functionality.

    Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Give us a call and we’d happy to bring you into this mobile world!

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