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    Mobile devices have grown to become some of the most sought-after gadgets for daily use. But what has caused the surge in the demand for mobile devices? Well, it’s all about the convenience they offer. The fact that they are easy to carry and present powerful features are undoubtedly the key sources of their convenience. This huge shift means that website owners ought to rethink their strategies if they stand a chance of survival in the online sphere. So, how can website owners capitalize on this shift? Simple, the trick here is to develop a mobile-friendly website.

    Why you need a mobile-friendly website

    Mobile devices are no longer been used for only accessing social media platforms. These devices have become an essential tool for getting work done and finding information while on the go. The heavy reliance on mobile devices has disrupted conventional desktop browsing. Below are reasons why a mobile-friendly website is a must-have.

      1. Mobile usage has become essential

    Mobile devices present endless possibilities to get things done seamlessly. Nowadays, humans spend an average of 5 hours on their smartphones every day. Most of this time is spent browsing the internet. This explains why most of the traffic on search engines comes from mobile devices. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, chances are customers won’t be able to find you on the internet hence the growth of your business is stalled. 

      2. Opportunity to build trust

    Customers are bound to judge your business based on the first glimpse they get of your website. If a customer visits your website and is attracted by the content and design of the website, they are likely to settle for your products/services. The image portrayed by your website will help gauge the seriousness level of your website. In addition, most shoppers are reluctant to buy from or recommend a business without a mobile-friendly website or a non-appealing website.

      3. Improve visibility

    Mobile devices have allowed many people across the globe to enjoy easy access to the internet. Unlike laptops and desktops that are quite expensive, mobile devices are affordable. The wide usage of mobile devices allows you to access new markets. But to achieve this, a mobile-friendly website will come in handy. This way, potential customers who have no access to computers can easily find you.

      4. Stay ahead of the competition

    There is no doubt that your competitors have also adopted mobile-friendly websites. But to stay ahead of them, you’ll need a website that has an appealing design and is highly responsive. Appealing designs will ensure the customer never forgets the visual effect they enjoyed on your website. On the other hand, having a responsive website enhances the experience customers enjoy on your site.

      5. Become easily accessible

    In business, accessibility can mean the difference between you and your competition. Most online users want to purchase from a website that allows easy access to the business. Whether it is an inquiry or an actual purchase, accessibility will help improve customer experience.

    Making a website mobile-friendly

    Owning a mobile-friendly website presents numerous growth opportunities. To capitalize on these opportunities, your website needs to seamlessly meet the needs of your visitors. So, how can you make your website mobile-friendly? Well, it is all about the experience you offer your visitors. Here’s how to ensure visitors keep coming back.

      1. Make information easy to find

    Most of the browsing conducted on smartphones is usually to find information. Users want specific information and don’t want to spend a lot of time finding it. To understand how best to serve your visitors, you ought to understand their needs. Think about what your website offers and how you can make it the ideal source of information. If you are looking to understand the search patterns of your visitors, consider using analytic tools such as Google analytics. Most importantly, make sure that you provide factual information.

      2. Shun pop-ups and text blocking ads

    One of the major causes of fury among mobile browsers is text blocking ads and pop-ups. Most users tend to get annoyed and may even ditch your website if they are interrupted every time, they try to view content. To avoid such a negative user experience completely avoid the ads and pop-ups. However, if the ads are a major source of income, ensure the pop-ups only appear at the end of the page. 

      3. Improve website speed

    Mobile users no longer have the luxury of waiting for a website to load. The endless website options available for users can cost you existing clients and turn-off prospects. There are various steps to boost your website speed. Firstly, ensure you enlist reputable hosting services. Also, compress the images so that they are smaller in size. Content that eats up a lot of space on the website can derail the website’s speed. 

      4. Adopt large fonts

    Straining to read content due to its small font size can cause the visitor to be disgruntled. Before you settle for font size, ensure that you always use standard font size. Modified fonts threaten to derail the website’s speed. When choosing the font size, you should consider using at least 14 px. However, you need to conduct tests to ascertain which font size best suits your website.

    Keep the design of a mobile-friendly website simple 

    mobile-friendly website

    Your web design can mean make or break. When creating a design for your website, it is essential that you adopt a simplistic approach. Sophisticated designs can result in a bad user experience as they make it difficult to navigate the website. More to that, a simple design allows you to avoid unnecessary files hence improving the website’s speed.

    Switching to a mobile-friendly website can make all the difference you need for your major breakthrough. However, you need to bear in mind that mobile devices are evolving fast hence the need for continuous website improvements. As you keep improving your website, always have the interests of your users at heart. This is the surest way to remain relevant and provide users with a unique experience. 

    The professional team at Exults can help you design and maintain a mobile-friendly website. Contact us today. 

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