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  • As huge sales from this year’s Cyber Monday show, the online market continues to dominate the holiday season.

    While it hasn’t quite clearly taken over the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, that future doesn’t seem too far off. Online sales during the holiday season have seen an average rise of about ten percent year to year.

    What’s causing this speedy trend towards the digitization of the holiday shopping season? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

    Mobile Is Booming

    According to Forrester’s extensive study published earlier this year, nearly a third of all American retail sales this year will be done via mobile devices. Mobile devices are even replacing laptop and desktop browsers as the main source of online shopping for many Americans.

    Brands are jumping to cater more towards mobile users, dropping apps and E-Commerce friendly sites intended to cash in on this new trend.

    The investment seems to be working too. In the holiday season thus far, mobile users are showing a greater increase in conversion rate than desktop users.

    The Internet Has The Answers

    Another big reason more Americans are turning to the web for holiday shopping? Research and answers.

    A whopping 85% of surveyed people turn to Google for answers when it comes to researching products they’re considering buying for family or friends. 72% of individuals also turn to Amazon’s customer reviews.

    Amazon and other big web retailers are taking full advantage of this opportunity, incentivizing potential buyers to click the “add to cart” button every step of the way.

    Black Friday Is Every Day

    The internet has also made more shrewd buyers out of most Americans. They are able to compare prices and find bargains easier than before. Holiday shopping is also easier and quicker online, dispelling the need for one day off from work to rush to the stores.

    Most major retailers have responded to this change, issuing a number of deals across the holiday season as opposed to deploying everything on a single day.

    Many major retail sales available on Black Friday were also available online and were available beyond the limited 24-hour window. More and more shoppers make plans to purchase their gifts online instead of having to deal with the rush of in-store bargain shopping.

    The Future Of Holiday Shopping Is Mobile

    The increased ease and access to mobile phones is changing the way most Americans go about their holiday shopping. It’s impossible to predict the changes this shift could cause in the future.

    But for now, businesses need to be looking at the mobile world if they want to stay in the game during the season of giving.

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