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    March 12, 2014 by Lindsey Smith

    Email marketing is one of the most important business strategies to reaching a wide audience. In addition to social media and web marketing, email marketing reaches a huge audience of potential customers. To learn how important email marketing is to your business, read these 4 reasons below:

    1. Email Gets Attention

    While social media is important, don’t discount the attention that emails receive. Email marketing allows you to reach each individual’s personal inbox and stay there until they choose an action. The next important step is making sure that the action includes reading what you have to say with engaging material.

    2. Massive Audience Numbers

    There are around 3 billion email user accounts. That number shadows both Facebook and Twitter users three times over and also topples personal connections by thousands. There is a time and place for every kind of marketing, so keep in mind that the largest audience may be reachable via email campaign.

    3. Email Is Personal

    While face-to-face interactions and social media may feel more personal with pictures and opinions floating around free in cyberspace, email marketing can actually create a personal connection between your business and the consumer. Drawing a direct line from your website to their inbox creates a personal business relationship that can’t be attained via other mediums.

    4. Deals And Information Are Expected

    Email marketing is just playing into the scheme that’s already been created. When individual’s sign up for marketing emails and listservs, there is an expectation of sale offers and marketing info. Your audience literally opens up the platform expecting to receive sales pitches and to be entertained, informed and persuaded to buy what you’re selling.

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