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    April 23, 2014 by Lindsey Smith

    Email marketing is an extremely important element in small business campaigns. Email is affordable, relatively easy and it has the ability to reach large numbers with very little effort or time. When sending emails from your business, make sure to avoid these common email marketing mistakes.

    1. Using Poor Subject Lines

    In today’s society, so many emails are sent and received that it is easy to click ignore if the subject line is blank or has a poor catch phrase. Utilize the subject line to target your audience and get them excited about what you have to say in your email.

    2. Spamming

    Emailing individuals who didn’t sign up for your newsletter or email listserv can feel like an invasion of privacy and can sever your potential relationship with that client permanently. Use an opt-in form on your website or attract them to the sign-up sheet via social media links to avoid spamming individuals.

    3. Overusing Email For Irrelevant Messaging

    Sending multiple emails a day can get tedious and annoying to customers, no matter how good the deals are or how interesting the material. It is important to limit email blasts and newsletters to an appropriate timeline depending on the number of followers and brand loyalty of your customers. Also, making the emails worth reading is extremely important. If material is boring or irrelevant, you will find that many people unsubscribe or fail to read the content.

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