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  • Search engine optimization (SEO) evolves constantly, from search engine updates to advances in best practices. Check out the three biggest SEO trends in 2017 and learn what to expect as you develop your digital strategy.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    As SEO specialists have observed for years, the market share for mobile continues to grow. A mobile-friendly responsive design has been key for SEOs for years, but in 2017, mobile optimization reaches new heights with accelerated mobile pages (AMPs). This open-source protocol allows website developers to build pages that smartphones and tablets can load almost instantly. Sites that feature AMPs have already experienced a boost in Google search results and will likely continue to outperform sites without this functionality.

    Featured Snippets

    Seasoned marketers are already familiar with rich snippets, but featured snippets are positioned for big business in 2017. These text blocks receive a prime spot on search engine results pages (SERPs) and shine a spotlight on the corresponding web page. While you should improve your website’s featured snippets, you’ll also want to keep an eye on how they impact your site’s performance, since these results are still nebulous for many SEOs.

    Context Is Key

    While keywords are still important in SEO, context has quickly risen to the top. In 2017, this concept will become even more critical, as voice search and machine learning continue to advance. That means you will want to spend extra time ensuring that they use natural language and provide clear context in all of their high-quality content. Doing so is bound to set you up for success as voice search and machine learning continues to gain steam in 2017.

    In the fast-paced world of SEO, you need an expert who can keep up with the latest trends. Contact Exults for more information on our SEO services and digital marketing products.

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