Do You Comply?

Organic Search Engine Optimization has been around since 2001. After 15 years, it's only natural that the strategies used to generate high quality traffic have evolved. We are well-versed on all of the [now] spammy tactics of yesteryear and even more so on what is important this year. In order to be in full compliance with Google it's important to not just stop using outdated optimization techniques, but to also correct and undo any lingering non-compliant methods. If you’re still partying like it's 1999, we can help. At Exults, we prefer to work with Google and follow their guidelines for high quality sites rather than trying to game the system. All of our Search Engine Optimization components involve building the quality and relevancy of your website naturally. By following this method of optimization, not only can we be sure our tactics are sustainable, but we can also be confident that our clients will never be penalized by future algorithm updates.

As search engines get smarter, it’s easier for them to understand value. But, how does a robot define value? There are a few elements that will never go out of style:


Content on your site helps support keyword relevancy, but more importantly, it explains who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. It also works to keep users engaged by answering the questions they have when they found your site in the first place. Its important to keep in mind, however, that not all content is created equal. The verbiage on your website should sound natural and should be geared towards your target audience (humans).


At one point in the not so distant future a trend emerged in which folder structure was done away with in favor of all pages of the website being off of the root URL. This practice was founded on the flawed logic that the closer the page was to the root, the more SEO value it had in the eyes of the search engine. This misguided strategy resulted in websites losing their sitelink results and getting lower crawl budgets. With all pages on your site of seemingly equal value to a search engine, it becomes more difficult to prioritize which pages are shown on the search results page. A properly structured website helps Google bot understand which content is most important based on it’s position relative to the overall depth of your website. Intuitive website structure also helps visitors navigate your site more easily leading to higher time on site and more pages per visit.

Internet marketing works. Let us prove it.

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