Online Video Optimization & Syndication

We find many commercials that run on traditional television fail to make it to the Internet. It is important to use Video mediums on the Internet to syndicate your video content online. Video content retains visitors for an extended period of time and can be played on the Internet by users for free. It is important when you launch a video campaign on the televisions to make sure your same video commercials are optimized and syndicated on popular video website for your audience to find your business information.

The life of a commercial on traditional delivery methods is very limited. As well you do not learn a lot of detail as to how your audience responds to your video content. When we publish your videos we track interactivity as to how users engage in the video, noting peak times of interest as well as abandonment. Our strategies also help clients get video to push viral beyond their initial placement.

Video was the first breakthrough in types of medium as we moved beyond audio and radio. Be sure you are fully capitalizing on the video content you are producing for your business. Whether your video is for mere promotion or to educate your audience it is important to make sure you are receiving maximum impressions from your video content.

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