Pay-Per-Click Management

What is Pay-Per-Click or PPC Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing is one of the most effective forms of internet advertising available. A PPC campaign can gain valuable visibility for your company on desired sites. This dramatic increase in visibility boosts your company’s reputation and relevancy in the eyes of consumers and major search engines. Because a PPC campaign is easily tracked, it provides a clear window into what aspects of your campaign are attracting the most business and which aren’t.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be an extremely cost-effective investment, but only when the team managing them has a thorough understanding of how the system works . Without a skilled PPC management team, your sponsored search ads can quickly drain your budget; costing money and bringing few returns.

Our Pay-Per-Click Management Services

Exults is uniquely able to provide absolute transparency to your PPC campaign. We are the owners of a proprietary login system which allows you to track the success of your campaign from any location; day or night. With your individual user name and password, you are able to view the progress of your campaign and submit requests directly to Exults; there is even a graph which clearly shows you how your venture is progressing.

We offer numerous PPC Management services to our clients as it is an important part of the internet marketing mix. Our PPC Management services include:

  • Conversion Tracking Implementation

    We implement applications which help track the number of individuals who visit your website and are converted by just being a visitor. We also track those individuals that reach your conversion goal for your products or services.

  • Campaign Strategy

    Having an effective campaign strategy is critical to the success of any website as well as being a critical aspect of PPC management techniques. We can develop a campaign that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your PPC marketing.

  • PPC Keyword List Development

    We will develop your keyword list for your PPC marketing campaign so that you can keep up with your competitors with optimized ad copy and landing page strategies.

  • Ad Copy Authoring

    Your ad copy is important for gaining the attention of the searcher and enticing them to click on your advertisement. We will author and test the best ad copy possible so that visitors do not pass up your ads.

  • Quality Score Management

    We will produce compelling account infrastructure that results in a higher quality score and enables to see which advertisements have the best Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

  • Campaign Launch

    We will develop a marketing strategy which will effectively monitor the initial performance aspects and levels of your website which ensures the completion of all your primary goals.

  • Bid and Campaign Management

    We focus on the keywords and keyword phrases that match the prospective customer and/or website visitor searches by targeting specific search results that benefit you, the advertiser.

  • ROI Management

    We specialize in developing and implementing scalable, as well as deployable solutions for managing and tracking the Return on Investment (ROI) with each of your advertisements so your Pay-Per-Click marketing is effective.

  • Reporting

    The reporting of marketing results as well as the tracking of your customers is critical to a successful campaign. We provide updated and accurate analytics reports to you to monitor the effectiveness of your internet marketing efforts.

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