Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is today’s leading marketing strategy to target qualified prospects. SEM not only targets prospects who have already expressed interest in your products or services, it allows us to track how they respond to your message, and provides insight in how your message can be improved for 21st century marketing.

What has been commonly referred to as SEO – Search Engine Optimization is rapidly progressing into SEM – Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is the marketing concept that correlates with arriving at the top of a search engine and being viewed as a qualified information source. When you advertise in Pay-Per-Click results or invest in achieving a high Organic Search Engine Ranking, you will be perceived as a relevant and reputable source. The nature of the traffic driven to your business can differ with each type of positioning and we have a solid understanding as to which you should focus on if you have a limited budget. That being said, a complete search engine marketing solution should encompass both the sponsored search and organic placement areas.

High positioning on the major search engines qualifies you as a relevant source of information regarding the topic you are targeting. When a qualified visitor arrives at your website and perceives you to be the source for information, the communication channel to create a relationship has begun. This relationship can represent many things such asa potential new client, a lead for you to follow or an immediate sale through your online ecommerce division.

Exults’ focus is on delivering both leads and sales to strengthen your business’s core. In order for us to accomplish this goal, it is important for us to capture qualified traffic from both types of search engine positioning. And yes, you can trust us, because we actually practice what we preach and are confident you will appreciate our transparency.

We are firm believers in the power of SEM, and know combining both Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Organic-Search Engine Optimization will deliver your business the results you want to see today.

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