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Small town feel, big city attitude.

Exults Internet Marketing consists of a diverse group of individuals that blends together perfectly, much like our crazy strong, in-house invention - "Swamp Brew" Cold Brew Coffee. Each team member brings a unique element to our specialty that helps balance out our knowledge. We have a small-town feel with a big city attitude.

The Exults Team

Zach Hoffman

Founder, President and CEO


Zach‘s love for fast paced culture and growing business markets has kept him a South Floridian – often traveling to NYC to service business relationships. Zach has always been an entrepreneur at heart; while in college, before starting Exults , he worked as an Independent Internet Marketing Consultant for local businesses and started a lead generation website focused on affiliate offer marketing. Zach utilizes his finance and economics background to efficiently navigate the auction markets of Search Engines. When he is not found working on accounts and motivating his employees, you may find him road biking, watching professional sports, attending Florida Marlins games and participating in fantasy football leagues.

Danielle Enzinna

Director of Operations


Before joining the Exults team, Danielle primarily worked in client relations and marketing in the business to consumer space. Danielle’s strong foundation in language and innate understanding of human behavior enable her to structure hard-hitting campaigns that drive results. She applies her experience to further ensure the success of Exults and its clients. When she is not in the office assisting clients in reaching their goals, she enjoys reading, soaking up the beautiful South Florida sunshine with her dog Atticus, and spending time with her husband.

Chad Stannard

Search Specialist


Chad is a native to South Florida and truly lives by the motto “Fun in the Sun”. Chad comes to Exults as our Sponsored Networks & Analytics Specialist with a wide variety of personal and business skill sets. At the age of 14, he developed his own website which furthered his love for the Internet and business. As a Google Adwords Qualified Analyst, Chad is a guru at Data Analysis and provides our clients with influential reports on business development. The combination of his Google AdWords knowledge, coupled with his Data Mining skills, makes for one deadly combination to your business’s competition. When he is not found crunching numbers, Chad spends his free time outdoors playing Ultimate Frisbee and Snorkeling.

Tony Catone

Creative Director


Tony Catone is the Creative Director at Exults. Tony is a South Florida native and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a degree in Advertising. After winning several regional awards in creative advertising and branding, Tony set his sights on search engine marketing. He took his experience working with traditional mediums and applied his learnings to the digital space, at Exults where he currently leads all client creative implementation. When Tony is not found at his desk, he enjoys playing electric guitar, muscle cars, traveling with his wife, Addison, and wrestling with his two German Shepherds to assert his dominance.

Nicholas Sang

Lead Designer


Nicholas Sang, the Lead Designer at Exults, joins us from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Nick is originally from New York and has always had a passion for art and design. With his extensive experience in artwork and design he has taken his knowledge to the digital space. At Exults he currently leads the team in implementation to achieve our clients end goals. When Nick is not found at his desk, he enjoys playing basketball, drawing, and experiencing life with his fiancée Melissa.

Steve Smith

Accounting In-House


After growing up in Indiana’s countryside, Steve joined the Army. In his Army travels he discovered South Florida and knew then it would one day be his home. After the Army, Steve did move to Florida, landed a position with a major property developer and his ambition had him going to school at night. After nearly 20 years in property development, Steve applied his knowledge to a variety of businesses, including real estate, law, warehousing, retail and today he is part of the Exults Team.

Dan Ahern

Lead Programmer


Dan joined the Exults Implementation Team to assist in maintenance and integration of the ARC reporting system. Throughout his life experiences Dan has been continually interested in how things work and the unique power of computer programming. Dan is very involved in his local community as well as his family life and raising his two beautiful twin daughters. When he is not working, he can be found volunteering at his church or playing dad with his daughters. He also enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, reading, studying cultures and writing Chris Elliot fan fiction.

Justin Ibarra

Director of Business Development


Before joining the Exults team, Justin worked in a variety of consumer and business consulting positions where he specialized in advising consumers, corporate and government buyers on the best solutions for their needs. His ability to solve business problems and advise clients on their set budget needs and requirements, allow him to assist organizations in reaching the most optimal ROI for their campaigns. He applies this experience to further ensure the success of Exults and its clients. When he is not in the office devising another strategy, he can be found hanging with his dog, Leader, engaging in various water sports, and spending quality time with his wife.

Mike Nucci

Search Specialist


Mike joined the Exults Implementation Team to assist in implementation and optimization of client accounts. Throughout his life he has been continually interested in almost every facet involving marketing and branding and he brings this broad and varied knowledge to his work at Exults. As a native to South Florida, Mike has been involved in numerous outdoor sports. Mike received his college degree in Marketing and Management but his interest in web design, information technology, business and other similar studies contributed significantly to his education and continue to interest Mike even today. When he is not working, he can be found in the company of good friends. He also enjoys the outdoors, basketball, hockey and making people laugh.

Sarah Mendoza

Design Specialist


Sarah is a graduate of Florida International University with a bachelor’s in communications. She spent the majority of her time in school as Creative Director of the American Marketing Association. Throughout her studies she developed a strong interest in internet marketing. She discovered that her creative background and attention to detail give her an advantage when working on internet marketing campaigns. While Sarah is not at work she enjoys obstacle course racing, healthy baking and weight lifting.

Romayne Taylor

SEO Director


Romayne Taylor, a Search Specialist at Exults, joins us from Jamaica but after living in South Florida for 10 years now calls it home. With his educational background in technology and professional background in marketing and sales he discovered a passion for internet marketing where he can help clients achieve their business goals. When he is not working he can be found playing soccer, basketball, catching up on DVR or planning his next trip.

Lindsay Haas

Social Media Specialist


From as far back as she can remember Lindsay has been fascinated with the art of persuasion. Whether it was forming, changing or reinforcing her target’s opinion, Lindsay has always dedicated herself to influencing others around her. Graduating from Florida State University with a degree in psychology, Lindsay chose to pursue a career in marketing, a natural choice for her given her skill set. After gaining experience in sales, Lindsay joined the Exults team with the goal of attaining a steady and consistent improvement in the success of her clients. Whether it’s looking for a great meal, an amazing yoga class, or an even faster car, when she’s not pursuing the dreams of her clients, Lindsay is sure to be found somewhere where she can chase another new and different challenge.

Libby O’Brien

Design Specialist


Elizabeth O’Brien, aka Libby, is a Design Specialist at Exults. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, she attended The Art Institute of Fort lauderdale where she graduated with Best Print Portfolio. When Libby’s not at work she enjoys hanging out with her cat Frankie, finding interesting places to eat, going to shows with pals and being a sad Florida Panthers fan.

Stanley “Kop”owitz

Office Security


KOP enjoys laying in the sun in his backyard, eating iguana droppings, snacking on leftover fishing bait preferably squid, barking at passing boats, playing fetch, and lastly, getting treats from the mailman at Exults.




When Leader is not keeping his dad’s feet warm at the office, he enjoys spending quality time with his mom, being an ambassador for his breed and training for his therapy certification. Although Leader enjoys paddle boarding, jogging on A1A and long walks on the beach, he definitely looks forward to ‘snuggle time’ with his parents, Justin & Ashlyn. You may find Leader on the town, as he enjoys dining at various restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, but is especially partial to grilled chicken and broccoli from Duffy’s Sports Bar & Grill.

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