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  • So you like the simplicity of uploading video files to YouTube and using the embed code to display the video on your website? Me too!

    I don’t like the reality that comes with this level of simplicity provided by YouTube.

    If your website is in any way a for-profit site you certainly have competitors and if you embed a YouTube video in your website you’ll end up introducing your prospects to your competition through YouTube’s convenient “related videos“. Worst of all the introduction will take place on YOUR website. The other fall back about using YouTube’s embed code is that if your visitors click the video once it has started playing they will click-thru to the video’s page on YouTube. That’s a huge visitor distraction, especially after you worked so hard to get them there!

    The following example shows:
    – how to stop related videos on embedded YouTube videos
    – how to stop click-throughs to YouTube in embedded YouTube videos

    This is how it ‘could’ be done. I’m not suggesting that you mess with YouTube’s perfectly coded embed. It’s already perfect, just leave it alone!


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